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DALM release is postpone

While refactoring the DALM I wanted a zero setup application to help people getting started. This lead to two stacks in DALM. One for the DALM core and one DALM setup. But even though it sounds separated depended code was introduced many places for various reasons. Upon completion the DALM was both slow and cluttered with irrelevant code.

Because the deadline is reached, I have to do something. My humble answer is to release the prototype code. This code is at most stable but does show the overall architecture of the application. The fist "real" release will be even more modularized and extendable!

Support and Documentation

The prototype release will have neither. All the documentation you see is for the 0.1 release. The 0.1 release is scheduled to august 2008.

Project Description
Data Access Layer Manager
... more to come

Why use Data Access Layer Manager (DALM)

The first goal of DALM is maintainability. You... [more to come]
Database agnostic code
With DALM you can now write code that is agnostic about what database it's running under. This enables you to switch database in just three lines of code and often less!


Before you start tearing your hair out , check out the Check List to insure you have everything set up correctly.
DALM also spits out warnings when run in debug mode. Look in the Output tab in Visual Studio.

Road map

The road map is not carved in stone but it does shows where DALM is heading in the near future.

Help the DALM project

For now the project needs testers and evangelists. You can start to help right now by downloading the project and report any bugs you might find. If there is something you had problems with, please report it too, so that it can get worked into the documentation.

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